Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nintendo Direct Round Up

Buggy stream affected our Facebook live coverage, we're sorry for the gaps in the content

Smash Bro's new character 
A new smash bro's trailer very reminiscent of Street Fighter 4's announce trailer introduce Little Mac from Punch Out... He really lives up to his name

Release Dates
Mario Golf gets Mii based RPG mode, Releases May 2nd
Kirby Triple Deluxe gets Street Pass features, Releases May 16th
Steel Diver : Sub Wars Announced, "contemplative FPS" becuase you've got to be smart and strategic with movement and firing missiles - Free Version out now
Pokemon Link Battle (puzzle game) - March 28th
Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright - March 28th
Nintendo Pocket football Club "card-based football team management sim" - April 17th
New Level-5 game where you run an RPG weapon shop - Feb 20th - All previous Level-5 games now £2.69 till then
Yoshi New Island and Themed 3DS - March 14th
Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Guard - May 2nd
Child of Light 3DS - May 2nd

GBA Comes to Virtual Console 
coming in April Metriod Fusion and Yoshi Island to kick things off

NES Remix 2
Sequel to Nintendo directs last surprise. Will feature new challenges based on other games, Will also feature Luigi Bro's an reskined version of the NES Super Mario Bros

Mario Kart Gets Characters And A Date
The Kooperlings (one time  kooper's children now boswer's gang) join the Mario Kart roster. Mario will be power sliding onto Wii u's May 30th

Project X 
Project X gets new trailer and details on combat, It'll use the Xenosaga system wit ha tone of extra polish

Bayonetta 2
No release date but some promised that it'll be great by games director.

Japanese Trailer*

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